Neyo and Mavado Mix

Neyo and Mavado Mix.


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Neyo and Mavado Mix

Mix Tape by DJ JMoney an Upcoming DJ

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Going Down

Going Down.

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Going Down

Dear Tatriena ,

I am a young adult who have just started experimenting with sex. I am a Jamaican native and I grew up in the countryside, so things are indeed very relaxed and laid back. However, I ventured out of the rural area into the town where things are a lot more upbeat and crazy. I had classmates in high school that were experimenting from a very early age. Some of them have children, tongue rings, I have heard stories of threesome and encounters with the same-sex, orgies you name it. The thing is I am form a very humble beginning and my significant other on the other hand is the opposite. He thinks we should get involve in oral sex. He says he has had it before – several; times and enjoys it. I , on the other hand detest the idea. He refuses to go down on women. My love for him is great and I feel like doing anything for him. He says if I do it,he  would return a favour.

In Love, Kingston, JA.

Dear In Love,

First of all let me commend you on securing a significant other that loves you as equally as you love him, most females find that hard to come by. Secondly, I am gonna say that relationships are all about compromises . Sometimes you have to add and subtract. In me saying that , the reality is that most people find their attraction to the significant other naturally inclining– though when you do get to know the person more, there is often the realisation that person has an extremely annoying habit that is hard to accept. In some cases the reciprocal applies where the other person is lacking something that would make the relationship worthwhile. In saying so, this is what applies to your relationship.
Your boyfriend thinks that including oral sex will take the relationship to a higher level. The fact that he is willing to indulge as much as you would say something about him. It defers that the relationship also means alot to him. In saying so, because oral sex is somewhat out of the norm for you evidently there will be hesitations. It is natural to feed on these hesitations. It is a drastic choice to make especially when you are from the background in which you state you are from. The point is oral sex can be a tricky thing, especially if one party is suspected of promiscuity. It is best to do as much research as you possibly can and then decide if it is something you wanna do. There has been stories of where it is linked with some cancers and infections that could go unnoticed. It is best to sit and do further research with your medical doctor know what consequences are attached to the act and figure out if it is something you are willing to live up to.


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Parental Issues

Parental Issues.

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Parental Issues

Hi Tatriena,
I’ve heard about your column and I’m interested.I need your help with this particular issue.At what age do u think parents should stop running their children’s lives and allow them to make their own decisions? I’m 20 years old and living with family. However,they still want to make many decisions for me such as how to dress and the friends I keep amot other things.I am given a relatively early curfew when I go out and I try to talk to them but it doesn’t help.Is it reasonable that I conform to all these rules? Are’nt I at an age where I can make responsible decisions on my own? I don’t know what to do and your advice would be highly appreciated.THANKS!
NH, Portland, JA

This is a tender issue that a lot of young people your age. In your mail you didn’t stated whether you are male or female.Nevertheless, there is no simple logic behind your question. Your letter states you are from Jamaica and depending on where in the world you live different rules applies to house rules. I’m under the impression since it is in the western atmosphere the similar rules to Northern America would apply.Parents would gradually have given you some level of freedom in terms of choice making. Just the same not the it’s greatest extent.In addition, you hadn’t stated what you did for a living. If you depend on your parental income for support due to college or working part-time they will use it as their driving force for instigating their house rules. The harsh reality is that most young adults that move out after high school is because of failure of compliance or seeking their personal freedom. My suggestion is that you figure out the areas in which you have issues, you’ll speak to your parents about arranging a compromise. In doing so my advice is for you to exercise your responsibility through your daily doings prior to making the confrontation.

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Caribana Photos

Caribana Photos.

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Caribana Photos


They were scary!

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Bare Vybing at Caribana

If you were at Caribana 2012 you would know precisely what occurred. The event commenced at 10:00 am with the march of the bands going straight throughout 8:00 pm, which was way later than what was bargained for on my ticket. There was mad Reggae,Dancehall, Hip Hop and over all some good Soca music! What better way to vybe but “Palancing all over the place?” If you had missed it that would be a diss- because you my friend would have lost out on a wonderful time in  some good weather by the cool Lake Shore.Now everybody knows what happens at Caribana does indeed stays there. However, the least I could do was  to keep y’all up to speed with what the crowd looked like and some of the mad fun that had taken place!

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