Could Age be Just a Number?

One of the current trends in today’s society is the increasing popularity of dating a partner that is old enough to be your own parent. Men do it, females do and yes having a “Sugar Daddy” or a “Cougar” also has its benefits. There are arguments around whether or not it is right there are most definitely stipulations of dating someone who could be your actual dad. Now everyone knows that one girl from high school that dates only older men. This is a conversation I have had with friends over coffee or chat. I have argued relentlessly with other people saying individuals are allowed to be just that-individuals. Yes there are people who would question my values and personal beliefs, why is it that I am so accepting with what I expect of other people and their choices. Then again that is the point, after all,the choice is theirs to make.

The whole point is why is it that a male dating an older woman is seen as a stud and being a glorious pedestal of make ego? He gains the respect of his peers both males and females.He is seen glorious and having had a game so amazing every one else wants to be like him. Assuming for the most part this is reference to adults consenting to a mature and sexual relationships, or in most case consenting teenagers in a sexual relationship. When examined from popular psychoanalytic theories it is probably every teen boy’s dream to be a “teacher’s pet” Then again who are we to argue anything different from hormone booming teenage girls.

Females on the other hand are more seemingly judged as being mentally deranged when prompt to having a male partner older enough to be her father. The stares and restless unreasonable is eventually an after effect for young women who participate in these relationships. I’ve asked male friends, I have asked female friends and for the most part it is just seen as a sketchy looking situation. And, yes in return the question I propose is, why is it male dating an older woman seen as more socially acceptable that females dating a guy in the same age range. It is the stipulation. Men would always love their mother but,hey if he wanna be with another kid’s mother;well damn,he most definitely have game! Females on the other hand should by no level of sexist denotation should incline oneself to a sexual relationship with her dad!

Of course there are beneficent of dating an older person. Your Momma or Daddy would be more established (Or at least they should).Hopefully,they would be more emotionally experienced and more definitely they are a form of financial support. I know personally some girls and guys who choose to go for older people because of what the other person can do for them. The feeling of an emotional security from a relationship stand-point is something these individuals look towards. The harsh reality is young adults aren’t always emotionally stable, or even for the most part lack emotional intelligence to in order to conceptualize sensitivity on our peers’ part. There are varying reasons for why people choose the relationships that they pursue. Throughout the years if there is anything that I have learnt best it is that you simply cannot judge a book by its cover. A lot of people have “parental issues” or have been molested and they within themselves find varying alternative to come to term with their past. Some of which they had to exempt and forcefully find themselves taking the role of adulthood from yet a very early age. So the question lies within itself, “Could age honestly just be a number?”


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  1. Could Age be Just a Number? « yawdyabroad replied:

    […] Could Age be Just a Number?. […]

  2. Asher Duckett replied:

    Age is just a number. Most of the times these relationships are formed because a person is looking for security and stability and feel a older more experienced partner will be able to supply that. However, it is not always feasible as a younger person may not be on the same wave length of the older counterparts. Their interest may not be the same and level of activeness could be unbalanced. I feel thought that once two people have a mutual understanding and are clear on each other’s motives and have similar goals, it could actually work out .

    • yawdyabroad replied:

      Agreed. Just the same in saying that it is to some extent expected that each party within the relationship has got to have a superior level of emotional intelligence where they know they share a common goal. So as a result ultimately, their lifestyles would become entwined. Classical examples are Beyonce & Jay-Z or Rene Angelil & Celine Dion.

  3. moniquewhitfield replied:

    I am not getting it! I think this cougar and sugar daddy thing is completely ridiculous!!! Nah man!!! Stick to yuh age star……a boyfriend that could be your dad?? A girlfriend that could be your mom? Utterly wrong.

    Don’t get this twisted, I am not saying that men or women should only date people of their age. Afterall that is pretty hard to find, I’d be making a fool of myself if I suggested that. But in my opinion, just a few years apart is good enough. Cougars find your age…….sugar daddies do the same!

  4. Natoya hasley replied:

    Them man deh a real pervert and im sure they would not want their daughters to be dating a guy their age…The women now (cougars) i dont even know what to say about them cuz what can a man half u age offer u…not money, not security nor stabilty….The younger partner doesnt truly love the older partner romantically, its about the benefits most of the time….Nasty!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • moniquewhitfield replied:

      well yea, they can give them money Hasley, and the sexual pleasures they go after…..welll…..probably!! Hehe afterall they’re old and possibly pap dung. Dont think its nasty…..its just a stupid move.

  5. Natoya hasley replied:

    oh so i got my facts straight…Cougars have a reason for dating younger men as opposed to sugar daddys,. It is said that a woman’s sexual peek is when they are older while a man sexual peek is younger probably in his late teens early 20’s. At 40when a woman is at her peek, a man that age isn’t and this is why many women turn to younger men to satisfy them sexually..Sugar daddys now, sometime they are not even getting sex…Only them can explain…

    • yawdyabroad replied:

      True to an extent.Just the same in saying so lots of studies have proven that women when reaching their 40’s have just entered their prime sex years. I can personally vogue for an individual who’s close to me who dates an older woman. they seem to work. What do y’all think? Is there anyone that you know that does the same? Do y’all think it will ever work?

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