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“Aunty Coleen I have a friend who just married in August. She is fifty four and her husband is twenty and she have a nineteen year old son, and she very very happy! I never see her so happy yet!” stated a caller on Love 101 which was hosting the program ‘To have and to hold’, speaking about the cougar phenomenon.

46-Free-Surprised-SmileyAre you serious? This male is 34 years her junior and she’s married to him? Pathetic! The sugar daddy practice has been pretty common in Jamaica, but now on the rise is the cougar phenomenon, where women date younger men.

Nadine Sutherland pointed out in her song ‘Cougar’, that age is just a number. Is this really so? Do these ladies or men even stop to think about the many challenges that they may face. Yes, the woman may have a fine body, but this will no doubt deteriorate…

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