So I saw these two commercial. They were both making fun of Jamaica and Jamaican. I honestly don’t know if they went a bit too far. What is your take?

MoWhitz Expressions

Give this ad a listen 


Funny isn’t it? No? RACIST??? Alright then….. take a look at this one!



Still think that the former is racist? I don’t…

Re the VW commercial, there is absolutely nothing wrong with saying that Jamaicans are always happy. Actually, in my opinion, it is absolutely hilarious to hear them try to speak like us.  “Hey Julia, turn the frown, the other way around!” haha gapingly hilarious!! But, that’s beyond the point being made. This German commercial….burning our flag (“accidentally”, as a dear friend on facebook puts it) and to my amazement, trampling on the Jamaican flag….Now this is utmost disrespect!! Why dem couldnt throw wata pon it??

As Jamaicans we are not allowed to let the flag touch the ground, yet another country is burning our flag and trampling on it???? Nah man!!!

But watch this…..

Sean Johnson” momo i was at…

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