From Canada to Peru

This is absolutely amazing


As the departure date for UW’s International Development students’ 8-month placements draws nearer, my excitement is growing stronger. On days when my nerves start getting the best of me I find that I must remind myself what an amazing learning and growing experience this will be and, most of all, that everything will be okay. This post will be dedicated to where I will be living for 8 months of my life starting this coming September (only 2 months away!!) and the organization I will be working with.

I’ll be living in Tarapoto, a city in northern Peru about an hour away from Lima – the country’s capital – by plane. Tarapoto’s main activities are tourism, commerce, and agriculture. It is a set-off point for tourist excursions into the Amazon Rainforest as well as river rafting and hiking in the Andes. As for climate, Tarapoto is hot and humid year-round…

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