Two Days After February 14!

So it is post-valentines day and he says do you want my Phone? Then my response was, ” Of course I want your phone!” Who doesn’t want the Samsung Galaxy SIII?” Fifteen minutes later he offers another two of his prized possessions; his DJ system and his PlayStation III.I start shitting bricks of course. Like which guy would ever trade up things he hold so dear to his heart.So now my response was,”Are you OK?” What on God’s earth can be compared to the love that men have with their gadgets? This guy must seriously be running a fever(or maybe woke up on the wrong side of bed this morning). Like who would have thought of this?
I earnestly am not the biggest fan of any form of celebration except for life. Hence, I don’t celebrate Valentines Day. Then I seriously asked, “Why do you wanna give me your stuff?” He responded because you have been really good lately(still lost). The moral of the story is being good pays off (I guess). Even if you refuse relentlessly to accept the self-indulgent gifts of valentines day. The bigger picture is that love if shown on the 365, has its perks. You never know what it is — as for me (grins uncontrollably), it is a game system, and new smart-phone.


February 16, 2013. Gadgets, Love, Men, Relationships. 8 comments.