From Canada to Peru

This is absolutely amazing


As the departure date for UW’s International Development students’ 8-month placements draws nearer, my excitement is growing stronger. On days when my nerves start getting the best of me I find that I must remind myself what an amazing learning and growing experience this will be and, most of all, that everything will be okay. This post will be dedicated to where I will be living for 8 months of my life starting this coming September (only 2 months away!!) and the organization I will be working with.

I’ll be living in Tarapoto, a city in northern Peru about an hour away from Lima – the country’s capital – by plane. Tarapoto’s main activities are tourism, commerce, and agriculture. It is a set-off point for tourist excursions into the Amazon Rainforest as well as river rafting and hiking in the Andes. As for climate, Tarapoto is hot and humid year-round…

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Childhood On Trial [At-Risk Youth]

Ain’t that the harsh truth



Childhood On Trial”

By Ashley “Chula” Jenelle

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men” – Frederick Douglass

One mistake – and labeled for life.

The cries from a cold cell are just echoes of pain from a child’s heart. The urge to be understood and loved unconditionally are just simple requirements these children request. These children starve for attention but constantly feel hopeless behind barbed wires. Feelings of abandonment are quickly vanished when society rejects a child and stamps a label that reads “useless, stupid, monster, or crazy”. A child’s brain is still at that stage where they soak up information like a sponge. In result, that child will not only live up to that label, but they will accept it. When these children act out but truly want help, they’re punished and sent to a cell. If a child has been neglected…

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about the IMF and how it’s nothing new… and me and you a part a di problem



as you may or may not know Jamaica is about the enter Tax Armageddon as a part of a)trying to ‘save’ the country and b)the IMF  ‘deal’ that we may or may not get.

I use the quotation marks to imply the highest levels of shade possible and I hope they are read just like that. I am not an economist, but I have done a bit of reading on the IMF and Jamaican’s economic history, either way i’m  not speaking as an economist, i’m speaking as a Jamaican.

IMF is the modern day incarnation of babylon and yet another imperialist mission into the countries of the Third World. Very few countries that sign IMF deals ever get out of them and stay out of them.

Add to that the fact that through the IMF the powerful countries get policy making power in the so-called developing countries, especially those…

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The seed has been planted

Now…. what is next?

It is like the game of Chess

Yes, it is always fun

Make a wrong move and it may be done

It is the consequence that gets paid for being  indulged

Being a winner is always great,

But it also means looking out for everyone

The Queen protects her king

And he in return, mightily rules

Yes, but actions

They should be branches of thriving trees

Strong, together, supporting

Connected, in tune

For every action there is a reaction,

It is best to make each, a good one

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So I saw these two commercial. They were both making fun of Jamaica and Jamaican. I honestly don’t know if they went a bit too far. What is your take?

MoWhitz Expressions

Give this ad a listen 


Funny isn’t it? No? RACIST??? Alright then….. take a look at this one!



Still think that the former is racist? I don’t…

Re the VW commercial, there is absolutely nothing wrong with saying that Jamaicans are always happy. Actually, in my opinion, it is absolutely hilarious to hear them try to speak like us.  “Hey Julia, turn the frown, the other way around!” haha gapingly hilarious!! But, that’s beyond the point being made. This German commercial….burning our flag (“accidentally”, as a dear friend on facebook puts it) and to my amazement, trampling on the Jamaican flag….Now this is utmost disrespect!! Why dem couldnt throw wata pon it??

As Jamaicans we are not allowed to let the flag touch the ground, yet another country is burning our flag and trampling on it???? Nah man!!!

But watch this…..

Sean Johnson” momo i was at…

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Two Days After February 14!

Two Days After February 14!.

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To all the Love Fanatics..What do y’all think?


So it is post-valentines day and he says do you want my Phone? Then my response was, ” Of course I want your phone!” Who doesn’t want the Samsung Galaxy SIII?” Fifteen minutes later he offers another two of his prized possessions; his DJ system and his PlayStation III.I start shitting bricks of course. Like which guy would ever trade up things he hold so dear to his heart.So now my response was,”Are you OK?” What on God’s earth can be compared to the love that men have with their gadgets? This guy must seriously be running a fever(or maybe woke up on the wrong side of bed this morning). Like who would have thought of this?
I earnestly am not the biggest fan of any form of celebration except for life. Hence, I don’t celebrate Valentines Day. Then I seriously asked, “Why do you wanna give me your stuff?”…

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MoWhitz Expressions

“Aunty Coleen I have a friend who just married in August. She is fifty four and her husband is twenty and she have a nineteen year old son, and she very very happy! I never see her so happy yet!” stated a caller on Love 101 which was hosting the program ‘To have and to hold’, speaking about the cougar phenomenon.

46-Free-Surprised-SmileyAre you serious? This male is 34 years her junior and she’s married to him? Pathetic! The sugar daddy practice has been pretty common in Jamaica, but now on the rise is the cougar phenomenon, where women date younger men.

Nadine Sutherland pointed out in her song ‘Cougar’, that age is just a number. Is this really so? Do these ladies or men even stop to think about the many challenges that they may face. Yes, the woman may have a fine body, but this will no doubt deteriorate…

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Neyo and Mavado Mix

Neyo and Mavado Mix.

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