Almost There… Yet This Darn CrossRoads

Is the Cup Half-Empty or Half-Full?

So it is April. It is the last month of school (EEP!!). Writing it out is even more scary than saying it out loud. With that there comes a ton of extra stress.Assignments are left to be completed, the job search is underway, the competition is on, thoughts of graduation,and Oh Dear God! I am freaking out. Less than a month left and the anticipation is killing me. Urghh!!

R.I.P. Aunt Laura
This morning I started my day off pretty darn nice. I took a couple of breathers but I still feel stressed. Yes, not to mention the death of one of my most favorite persons ….Aunt Laura ( May Your Soul R.I.P.) I had a pretty sketchy March. It was sulky, there were deaths, winter refused to end. But I had done some fasting; reflect more of life some more. That, my friends was a good thing.It seems as if no matter how you may have it together being assured (of anything really) is always ideal.

It is Spring!

“Life is a journey, not a destination.” It is gonna be tough as hell…..sometimes you take one step forward and it feels as if yah have been kicked like 10 steps back. Oh well, the good news is; It is Spring!! Well, not the best news(especially if reside in Canada), but the stipulation of that is summer is on the way! You live to learn and it is one step at a time.

Three more weeks….Let’s do this!


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